Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Today the of india is gonna be crippled bcoz of people who r supposed to be there for service to people. These people think that going on a strike is "the" solution, idiots!!!!!!!
How come these people can make others listen to their demands after making everyone angry....
Yesterday my exams finished and i decided to complete a few of my pending bank related work, but..................... its ok for people like me who can do the same work after 2 days, but think about those who r completely dependant on the services offered.
i dunno when we r going to understand this, and stop doing these idiotic things and hold us the common citizens at ransom.

Friday, September 23, 2005

everyone knows about mid life crises, but i am suffering from mid exam crises..... 4 papers down 4 more to go. i can now feel and understand how people in that age group must be feeling like...
a part of it is always good and some is not, just like my exams it was partly satisfying and partly it was not to the mark. it is not how u look at it but how u face it... i always get inspiration from the writing "never give excuses, give solutions". lets see how i react to the "situation" i am gonna confront, as it is soooo easy to talk about anything.
i had decided not to write a blog before my entire exams get over, but could not hold myself from writing as i could see the word "blog" written on my black board for the students giving their backlog exams.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

hello friends, Romans, or any damn countrymen (oh sorry women too...) i am back after a hiatus of almost an year and a half. The time gap of being away from the blogosphere is so much, that i dont even remember my old Id and password, so i am starting afresh. Call this start as an inspiration or simple human tendency to "atleast" do what people around us do. I might be amongst those few directly jumping to writing blogs, who dont have a history of writing diaries every night (and hiding it from all). Life has changed for me last few months, i am not the old rotya fooling around with life, i have become a bit serious about it. Some might say it is better late than never ..... but i say it is "never" late for anything.will continue writing. Adieu.