Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally a Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After long tortorous 6 months I got to enjoy saturday night........ This did not happen by
fate but was self made. Wednesday nights are nothing close to the feeling u get on a
saturday night, i am really waiting for my weekly offs to be Sunday's...I spent the evening like any other evening but as the end was nearing the feeling was awesome (only those who have weekly off other than a sunday will understand).The icicng of the evening was the movie that i saw, it was Brad Pitt starrer "BABEL", its out of this world movie, so close to reality. Throughtout the movie I was guessing what was going to happen and actually praying that everything goes well. I will recommend all those I know to watch the movie rather than going to watch bullshit like Dhoom2 or Bhagambhag for example. I guess another speciality is that, this is my first blog at 2.00 in the morning.....