Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally a Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After long tortorous 6 months I got to enjoy saturday night........ This did not happen by
fate but was self made. Wednesday nights are nothing close to the feeling u get on a
saturday night, i am really waiting for my weekly offs to be Sunday's...I spent the evening like any other evening but as the end was nearing the feeling was awesome (only those who have weekly off other than a sunday will understand).The icicng of the evening was the movie that i saw, it was Brad Pitt starrer "BABEL", its out of this world movie, so close to reality. Throughtout the movie I was guessing what was going to happen and actually praying that everything goes well. I will recommend all those I know to watch the movie rather than going to watch bullshit like Dhoom2 or Bhagambhag for example. I guess another speciality is that, this is my first blog at 2.00 in the morning.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Movies With Substance....
Its been a long time that some movie has touched my heart to such an extentthat it I was actually on the verge of shedding tears..... A stone hearted(as called by a few) like me needs real thing to be touching enough....... Idon't get tears in my eyes due to death of someone or some big catastrophy,I don't know whether I am an 'odd' person or what, but that's me!!! I amtouched when anything happening is shown in a peculiar manner, like onescene in a Hollywood movie called 'The Deep End of Ocean' where a kid whowas stolen as a baby, is returned to the original family after somethinglike 15-16 years... the re-union was shown in an awesome way....The reliefon the elder brother's face who used to consider it was all his fault wasshown amazingly. Recently I saw 'Lage Raho Munnabhai', it had a sceneshowing 'Munna' apologising to 'Circuit', it was a normal scene but the wayit was shown along with the expressions of the two characters , the way theycarried it was mind-blowing..... The all time favourite movie that hastouched my heart is 'Masoom'... I cannot pick out any one scene, the entiremovie itself was full of innocence and emotions.....I really wish such movies are made frequently, where their is no sadnessthrough out the movie, it should come, touch your heart and carry on.....

Friday, June 23, 2006

What a Movie!!!!!!!!
Huge Buildings, big cast, costly sets, latest technology in every other shot.... Seems like a Hollywood flick but NO i am talking about our own Bollywood output KRRISH.... Its India's answer to the monopolist USA churning out super heroes... The director is a wee bit near to its hollywood counterparts in executing the movie.... But the problem is the director has tried to compete with every superhuman know to the audience in one movie.... The stunts has got resemblance with almost every superhuman hero; flying like the Superman,scaling buildings like the Spiderman, mask like the Batman... It has got fighting sequence similar to the ones used in Matrix, our good old Shaktiman is also not spared in copying... Walking on the tree branches as shown in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.. to add to apathy of the movie there are a number of songs, why do we need songs in this kind of a movie??? The only thing that is good about the movie is Hrhitik's acting and the effort he has put in it. As the adult movie comes with a strict certification of "A", this movie should come with a strict certification of "U". No adult should be allowed in the theatre as the whole movie is a big joke.... So my readers its my sincere request do not watch this movie unless you are around the age of 12-13 years or may be even less....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It all started with my desire to go after my passion "driving"....To fulfill it i had to go to Mumbai, so i got a railway ticket which was wait listed first and unfortunately got confirmed.... The train was so full that there were "only" people around... i asked myself whether i had entered the right compartment? But railways had different plan for me, they wanted me to experience the 3rd class/unreserved journey after paying the complete fair for the ticket which i had got after waiting for an hour in a queue.. Anyways coming back to point, as i said there were only people around... I was so unfortunate that i got a seat next to the aisle, with a big gujju family to the right (who were continously eating) and only guys to the left and in front, so no entertainment... Then came this lady with a child (the typical ones with their nose running), with no place to stand she sat bang in front of me on the floor... we tried to move her, "but" the public sympathy always go with "lady with a small child"... so there went my leg space. Then came another lady who was standing in the aisle with her butt comfortably rested on my shoulder instead of the partion between the seat... I tried to move, show my restlessness "butt" all in vain.. it was like my shoulder was getting molested. Believe me all this continued for 2.5 hours, i was never happy to see kalyan station as 60% people around me got down and i could actually move my limbs as per my wish... The best part in this situation was that the Ticket Collector was never seen.I was so frustrated that i wished the "hijadas" who board the train at kalyan demand money from me and will take out my frustration on them, they did come in my compartment but somehow bypassed me...At the same time 2 of my dear friends were in some job trouble and were asking for my advice and I was telling them to hang on there when i was physically hanging here.Anyways like a typical hindi movie my story had a happy ending, with me able to drive all the way from mumbai to pune in the most conducive driving conditions....Adieu.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Time flies by.....
its been a month now that my final exams r over and it seems like yesterday only. I can still feel the "bit" of tension i had about the exams. I dont even remember 3 things that i have done in the last whole month. I dont know whether that means i am enjoying my "holidays" or not. I consider it to be a holiday when there is no fixed routine, no schedule, no deadlines etc. Everday when i wake up the first thing that comes to my mind is, what next? before i can answer myself my mom pops up the same question. I have to come up with something pretty fast answers (in a matter of few seconds) or i am handed over a list of activities she wishes me to do hehe.. There had been days when i was slow and had to do a few jobs but never mind!!! those were also fun.
I am sure my next month is also going to just zoom by and i would be staring at a routine and i am sure i will cherish my these lazy days.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a race!!!!!!!!!!! its been ages i have seen such an awesome race. 27 laps of pure action. Alonso could smell the rubber off Schumi's car the whole time, but in the end the winner was the champion of the champions... ya u guessed it right good old Schumi. Everything was so perfect, the 2 pitstop strategy, the timings perfect everything so perfect.
Some people consider this F1 racing as a waste of time and fuel, as according to them its senseless for the cars to just go round and round. But they just dont understand how many brains r behind this thing happening. Mind u the best brains r working there.... Innovations r happening almost everyday. Its better to blow up money on F1 as it is bringing innovations atleast. Compare it with the senseless fashion shows where equal amount of money is blown, the clothes featuring in the fashions shows r never even worn by people hahhahahah .....I would suggest these kind of people to rethink on their perception about F1. The amount of training and efforts r taken in developing this sport is surely applaudable.Adieu.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

What is there in the name?
Really people i always wonder what is there in the name? It is a desired output of the inputs put by our parents..... I personally like names that dont have a heavy meaning as such, like some name of god or some name that implies or should reflect on you. It should be something simple meaningless, something that would get a meaning just because its your name...........That day someone sent me a email in which we can "analyse" ourself with help of some description given. The analysis was based on the starting letter of everyones name. When i first saw it I was like come on how is it possible? If your name starts with 'A' you are like this .... if your name starts with 'R' you r like this...... Does anyone's nature tends to change depending upon their name? But my queiries were answered when i read about myself and it was actually somewhat near what I am really like.... But the question that came to my mind next was how come our folks select our names starting with a peculiar letter and we actually turn out to be like the description given? it s a mystery for me and i need to solve it.Anyways in my case i love my name but still down somewhere i "wished" my name was something else (specific). My name has undergone quite a few changes. My mom usually calls me Rohnya and i immediately understand that she needs some help from me. During my school days i had a peculiar name given to me by my rickshawalla which i dont wish to disclose with all of you. Some call me Rotya, RD some even call me Ronny..... Its only in my family that I am called by name Rohan.All this came to my mind when my sister asked me to suggest a few names for her daughter/son. Need to get back to that job now.Adieu.

Friday, March 03, 2006

What is help?
The dictonary meaning of the word "help" is 'make something easier,better (for someone)'. When do we expect help? Only in the times when when we r in desperate need of, rest of the times any person with a wee bit of self respect denies it. But accepting help in 'need' is a wise thing to do.Helping someone can be any form or in any way. It can come in form of some actual action,it can be financial or even just emotional(These r the only 3 i can remember of, there r chances of few more types too).The 'helping' feeling can come from within or it is sometimes forced on you. When it comes from inside one tends to reach out and help whole heartedly without even thinking twice before doing anything, but if its forced then we perform at the minimum most possible level. The best way of providing help is to recognise the need and act accordingly. The best fruit of helping someone comes when it is appreciated and cherished and not quantified there and then itself. In the first part we can expect to be bailed out of some situation by the person whom u have helped some time, but in the later part no such expectations can be kept. I am sure everyone must have experienced being helped by someone without even asking him/her for it. Thats a true human being my friend.I have personally experienced this.So i will like to say that always help people close to u and do not keep scores as someone invisibly helping u may not be keeping any.Adieu.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Expect the unexpected...
This is one of my favourite theory that i try to follow. Trust me guys it really works.
One of my school friends who is now settled in USA asked me, how is pune holding on? The traffic, the chaos? Use the theory on the pune roads, the unexpected always happens with me thanks to the cyclists, the rickshaw wallas and not to forget the "ladies" on their flying machines. (No offence as 10% of the ladies r real good drivers).
I never expected me to be reading "Harry Potter" after having interest in reading the courtroom action by John Grisham or action oriented novels by Fredrick Forsyth or Robert Ludlum. It happened only because of insistence of someone, that i ended up reading it. Surprisingly i liked it... I had never anticipated it to be good. So expect the unexpected with ourself too, u never know how we will act in situations. I am sure everyone must have gone thru some kind of experience when we keep on wondering "why did i do it?"......
It can also be seen in the latest movie "Rang De Basanti". Who could have expected DJ and his gang to react the way they reacted.I say the reaction was because of their hangover of the whole Bhagat Singh subject they were exposed to..... They acted that way because they got carried away by emotions. Brains were put to rest and decisions were made from the heart only. This is unexpected of, in this (as our professors) "the big bad world".To excel in this world expect the unexpected.
Like i always joke about unpredictability (which is a distant cousin of unexpectedness), first number is of a floppy and the second number is of a girl. Never blindly expect desirable output from the above two hehehe.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally Got Thru....
Hello everyone i am back after a bit of long hiatus, could not help it as i had so many things in mind and the execution was taking a lot of time. The whole purpose of pursuing a professional course is to get a job. For me this whole purpose was fulfilled just 2 days back. It was not a cake walk for me.... 1 apptitude test and 4 interviews were in my way to reach or attain the ultimate goal. But now i am satisfied that I did not break in the middle and could carry on.This was possible because of the support of my parents and friends. The best part is that the last 2 interviews were on the same day as my favourite girls b'day and it did played an important part in my success.(It was Anushka's b'day offcourse and for those who dont know she is my neice....) Just getting the job is not enough it is upto me to make a career out of it and trust me people i think it is not going to be easy.... The company "Bharat Forge" I am going to work for is a typical manufacturing company, and i have to deal with a complete new set of people/professionals.It is easy to complete any assignment in colleges as u get help from ur colleagues but i dont anticipate this kind of help from the colleagues in an organisation. Anyways getting placed is satisfying for the time being. The pressure is released and I feel so relaxed that I am not able to express in words... I can now concentrate more on other aspects of my life. I am going to enjoy my last few months of college life.... I even changed the "Profile" on my cellphone from "Unemployed" to "Employed"...Adieu.