Friday, June 23, 2006

What a Movie!!!!!!!!
Huge Buildings, big cast, costly sets, latest technology in every other shot.... Seems like a Hollywood flick but NO i am talking about our own Bollywood output KRRISH.... Its India's answer to the monopolist USA churning out super heroes... The director is a wee bit near to its hollywood counterparts in executing the movie.... But the problem is the director has tried to compete with every superhuman know to the audience in one movie.... The stunts has got resemblance with almost every superhuman hero; flying like the Superman,scaling buildings like the Spiderman, mask like the Batman... It has got fighting sequence similar to the ones used in Matrix, our good old Shaktiman is also not spared in copying... Walking on the tree branches as shown in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.. to add to apathy of the movie there are a number of songs, why do we need songs in this kind of a movie??? The only thing that is good about the movie is Hrhitik's acting and the effort he has put in it. As the adult movie comes with a strict certification of "A", this movie should come with a strict certification of "U". No adult should be allowed in the theatre as the whole movie is a big joke.... So my readers its my sincere request do not watch this movie unless you are around the age of 12-13 years or may be even less....

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