Saturday, June 03, 2006

It all started with my desire to go after my passion "driving"....To fulfill it i had to go to Mumbai, so i got a railway ticket which was wait listed first and unfortunately got confirmed.... The train was so full that there were "only" people around... i asked myself whether i had entered the right compartment? But railways had different plan for me, they wanted me to experience the 3rd class/unreserved journey after paying the complete fair for the ticket which i had got after waiting for an hour in a queue.. Anyways coming back to point, as i said there were only people around... I was so unfortunate that i got a seat next to the aisle, with a big gujju family to the right (who were continously eating) and only guys to the left and in front, so no entertainment... Then came this lady with a child (the typical ones with their nose running), with no place to stand she sat bang in front of me on the floor... we tried to move her, "but" the public sympathy always go with "lady with a small child"... so there went my leg space. Then came another lady who was standing in the aisle with her butt comfortably rested on my shoulder instead of the partion between the seat... I tried to move, show my restlessness "butt" all in vain.. it was like my shoulder was getting molested. Believe me all this continued for 2.5 hours, i was never happy to see kalyan station as 60% people around me got down and i could actually move my limbs as per my wish... The best part in this situation was that the Ticket Collector was never seen.I was so frustrated that i wished the "hijadas" who board the train at kalyan demand money from me and will take out my frustration on them, they did come in my compartment but somehow bypassed me...At the same time 2 of my dear friends were in some job trouble and were asking for my advice and I was telling them to hang on there when i was physically hanging here.Anyways like a typical hindi movie my story had a happy ending, with me able to drive all the way from mumbai to pune in the most conducive driving conditions....Adieu.

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