Thursday, March 09, 2006

What is there in the name?
Really people i always wonder what is there in the name? It is a desired output of the inputs put by our parents..... I personally like names that dont have a heavy meaning as such, like some name of god or some name that implies or should reflect on you. It should be something simple meaningless, something that would get a meaning just because its your name...........That day someone sent me a email in which we can "analyse" ourself with help of some description given. The analysis was based on the starting letter of everyones name. When i first saw it I was like come on how is it possible? If your name starts with 'A' you are like this .... if your name starts with 'R' you r like this...... Does anyone's nature tends to change depending upon their name? But my queiries were answered when i read about myself and it was actually somewhat near what I am really like.... But the question that came to my mind next was how come our folks select our names starting with a peculiar letter and we actually turn out to be like the description given? it s a mystery for me and i need to solve it.Anyways in my case i love my name but still down somewhere i "wished" my name was something else (specific). My name has undergone quite a few changes. My mom usually calls me Rohnya and i immediately understand that she needs some help from me. During my school days i had a peculiar name given to me by my rickshawalla which i dont wish to disclose with all of you. Some call me Rotya, RD some even call me Ronny..... Its only in my family that I am called by name Rohan.All this came to my mind when my sister asked me to suggest a few names for her daughter/son. Need to get back to that job now.Adieu.

Friday, March 03, 2006

What is help?
The dictonary meaning of the word "help" is 'make something easier,better (for someone)'. When do we expect help? Only in the times when when we r in desperate need of, rest of the times any person with a wee bit of self respect denies it. But accepting help in 'need' is a wise thing to do.Helping someone can be any form or in any way. It can come in form of some actual action,it can be financial or even just emotional(These r the only 3 i can remember of, there r chances of few more types too).The 'helping' feeling can come from within or it is sometimes forced on you. When it comes from inside one tends to reach out and help whole heartedly without even thinking twice before doing anything, but if its forced then we perform at the minimum most possible level. The best way of providing help is to recognise the need and act accordingly. The best fruit of helping someone comes when it is appreciated and cherished and not quantified there and then itself. In the first part we can expect to be bailed out of some situation by the person whom u have helped some time, but in the later part no such expectations can be kept. I am sure everyone must have experienced being helped by someone without even asking him/her for it. Thats a true human being my friend.I have personally experienced this.So i will like to say that always help people close to u and do not keep scores as someone invisibly helping u may not be keeping any.Adieu.