Sunday, May 07, 2006

Time flies by.....
its been a month now that my final exams r over and it seems like yesterday only. I can still feel the "bit" of tension i had about the exams. I dont even remember 3 things that i have done in the last whole month. I dont know whether that means i am enjoying my "holidays" or not. I consider it to be a holiday when there is no fixed routine, no schedule, no deadlines etc. Everday when i wake up the first thing that comes to my mind is, what next? before i can answer myself my mom pops up the same question. I have to come up with something pretty fast answers (in a matter of few seconds) or i am handed over a list of activities she wishes me to do hehe.. There had been days when i was slow and had to do a few jobs but never mind!!! those were also fun.
I am sure my next month is also going to just zoom by and i would be staring at a routine and i am sure i will cherish my these lazy days.