Monday, January 30, 2006

Expect the unexpected...
This is one of my favourite theory that i try to follow. Trust me guys it really works.
One of my school friends who is now settled in USA asked me, how is pune holding on? The traffic, the chaos? Use the theory on the pune roads, the unexpected always happens with me thanks to the cyclists, the rickshaw wallas and not to forget the "ladies" on their flying machines. (No offence as 10% of the ladies r real good drivers).
I never expected me to be reading "Harry Potter" after having interest in reading the courtroom action by John Grisham or action oriented novels by Fredrick Forsyth or Robert Ludlum. It happened only because of insistence of someone, that i ended up reading it. Surprisingly i liked it... I had never anticipated it to be good. So expect the unexpected with ourself too, u never know how we will act in situations. I am sure everyone must have gone thru some kind of experience when we keep on wondering "why did i do it?"......
It can also be seen in the latest movie "Rang De Basanti". Who could have expected DJ and his gang to react the way they reacted.I say the reaction was because of their hangover of the whole Bhagat Singh subject they were exposed to..... They acted that way because they got carried away by emotions. Brains were put to rest and decisions were made from the heart only. This is unexpected of, in this (as our professors) "the big bad world".To excel in this world expect the unexpected.
Like i always joke about unpredictability (which is a distant cousin of unexpectedness), first number is of a floppy and the second number is of a girl. Never blindly expect desirable output from the above two hehehe.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally Got Thru....
Hello everyone i am back after a bit of long hiatus, could not help it as i had so many things in mind and the execution was taking a lot of time. The whole purpose of pursuing a professional course is to get a job. For me this whole purpose was fulfilled just 2 days back. It was not a cake walk for me.... 1 apptitude test and 4 interviews were in my way to reach or attain the ultimate goal. But now i am satisfied that I did not break in the middle and could carry on.This was possible because of the support of my parents and friends. The best part is that the last 2 interviews were on the same day as my favourite girls b'day and it did played an important part in my success.(It was Anushka's b'day offcourse and for those who dont know she is my neice....) Just getting the job is not enough it is upto me to make a career out of it and trust me people i think it is not going to be easy.... The company "Bharat Forge" I am going to work for is a typical manufacturing company, and i have to deal with a complete new set of people/professionals.It is easy to complete any assignment in colleges as u get help from ur colleagues but i dont anticipate this kind of help from the colleagues in an organisation. Anyways getting placed is satisfying for the time being. The pressure is released and I feel so relaxed that I am not able to express in words... I can now concentrate more on other aspects of my life. I am going to enjoy my last few months of college life.... I even changed the "Profile" on my cellphone from "Unemployed" to "Employed"...Adieu.