Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Met with an Accident!!!!!!
There is always a first time for everything,the list is reduced by one........
This week started with a bang, I actually mean a BANG!!!!! in the middle of a chowk near
Poona club on a chilly morning. I was cruising at my normal speed of 30-40 kmph when this
bike came from nowhere at a high speed jumping the signal and just collided into me side
ways... For a split second before colliding I felt that i am in for a big thing, but
fortunately (thank you god) i escaped with a badly bruised and swollen left hand
only....Miracously nothing happened to my beloved bike also.
Now i can no more boast of being the safest rider and i paid for being a ardent follower of
traffic signals... I consider myself fortunate that the it was only a bike that jumped a
signal and collided with me, I get shivers even thinking what would have happened if it
would have anyhting bigger than a two wheeler...
Anyways whatever happens is for good............. Now i will be extra cautious while
negotiating a crossing, especially when i have a green signal.
Cheers and Drive safely.