Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a race!!!!!!!!!!! its been ages i have seen such an awesome race. 27 laps of pure action. Alonso could smell the rubber off Schumi's car the whole time, but in the end the winner was the champion of the champions... ya u guessed it right good old Schumi. Everything was so perfect, the 2 pitstop strategy, the timings perfect everything so perfect.
Some people consider this F1 racing as a waste of time and fuel, as according to them its senseless for the cars to just go round and round. But they just dont understand how many brains r behind this thing happening. Mind u the best brains r working there.... Innovations r happening almost everyday. Its better to blow up money on F1 as it is bringing innovations atleast. Compare it with the senseless fashion shows where equal amount of money is blown, the clothes featuring in the fashions shows r never even worn by people hahhahahah .....I would suggest these kind of people to rethink on their perception about F1. The amount of training and efforts r taken in developing this sport is surely applaudable.Adieu.