Friday, June 27, 2008

Uncetainty looms............

These days I wonder what's going to happen to my country and the countrymen........ On one side the N-deal is making headlines with series of meetings with no concrete results in sight and uncertainty about the ruling govt. completing its tenure, to add to the chaos international oil prices & inflation is gaining new heights day after day. Everything is becoming costlier day by day and as a result each and every individual should feel the pinch. But, the scenario is somewhat different, we enjoyed the IPL circus to the fullest, we still go to multiplexes and pay exorbitant prices for movies that are not even worth half the prices, go to fancy restaurants and then to gymnasiums to get rid off what we (over) gained. So we pay to get rid of things for which we have already paid to gain. Thats like double expenditure on yourself.......... Still we do it!!!!! I am no exception. Its said that one needs to spend more to earn more, but where to draw the line? The one who can do it will sustain the turmoil but what about those who cannot do it? The biggest work force that we are so proud about, what if most of them make the wrong decision? Is anyone taking steps to educate the people?

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